Mural in Suresnes, France

With her father Robert Dafford, painter Jason Brake, and French scaffold drivers Sylvain and Gérald, Hellmann painted this mural on the side of a chimney in the suburbs of Paris. The chimney was painted to look like brick covered with ivy and includes the insignia of the small town of Suresnes. The river Seine and Eiffel Tower could be seen from the scaffold.

Portsmouth Floodwall Murals

The Portsmouth Floodwall Mural project started when Miriam was just 8 years old. Every summer Dafford Murals painted several murals in Portsmouth and other small towns along the Ohio river. Now there are over 50 murals and over 2,000ft of murals in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Paducah, KY Floodwall Murals

Various Selection of Murals