You Are Here

This anamorphic mural was created for ALT66, a juried art show at Millard Sheets art center. This exhibition was designed to provoke ideas about Route 66 that are seldom or not yet explored, while also creating an installation that invites the viewer to engage with the piece.

Night on Broadway 

"Night on Broadway" is a yearly celebration of Downtown LA's revitalization of Broadway Street. ArtShareLa invited artists to create live murals for the event, and artists were asked to use the Arts District or Downtown as subject matter. In response, Hellmann created "The Changing Face of LA," an interactive art piece that changed throughout the night, reflecting Downtown's rapid change. It started as a giant coloring page with Hellmann's hand-made giant crayons. Once the face couldn't hold any more crayon, passers-by were invited to begin applying pre-drawn eyes, noses, and mouths to create new faces. Polaroids were taken at regular intervals to show the progression of the piece over the course of the evening.

Dwell on Design Conference

Hellmann created this oversized interactive coloring book for Dwell's design conference at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The crayons are real working crayons created by Hellmann for this event.  Visitors were encouraged to color in the giant drawings, of which Hellmann made several over the course of the 3 day conference.

Giant Coloring pages for Kiehl's and The Art of Elysium

California Art Explosion

Hellmann created this interactive photo booth for the Bavavagabond's event "California Art Explosion." Because the theme of the evening was California, Hellmann used several of the state symbols in the photo booth, including the Grizzly Bear, Golden Trout, Dogwood Butterfly, Desert Tortoise, and Golden Poppy. All of the interactive shapes are made out of felt with velcro attachments.

Photos by Colin Young-Wolff

Art Migration

The Bagavagabonds Art Migration was a community-based, collaborative-minded and philanthropy-filled art movement that was supported by Smart Car. Hellmann created an interactive felt photo backdrop for guests to the event. The felt backing featured only migrating and guests were encouraged to create their own migration scene.